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Mingleflow Web Design provides outstanding eCommerce solutions combined with a friendly and helping atmosphere. We design your online store, use modern code, so your online shop is on each device, take care of search engine optimisation for each of your products and help with advertisement
Mingleflow eCommerce Web Design

Responsive web design for your eCommerce store so you can sell everywhere

Responsive websites function and sell well on each device. It is important to show your online shopping platform with full functionality to all users, even if they come to your online store on their smartphone or tablet, and we make sure, this is number one in our design and code. Your integrated eCommerce website will serve your customers everywhere with the same experience: secure payment gateways, automatic cost calculation, stock control system and automated communication.

Cost-effective solutions to sell online even for small businesses and start-ups

As a small business owner or a start-up enthusiast, you might be limited in resources, and we understand that. We will guide your steps and help you offer solutions which are easy and practical, so you save time and money with your processes while we create your online store.

Your business is in the centre because if it is good for you, it is good for us We are not a multi-billionaire digital agency where you are one of the thousands of clients so you can be sure while you are running your online business, we will answer all your questions and fully satisfy your needs. It is our interest too: if you are strong, we are stronger as well.

Beautiful e-commerce sites for all businesses

We can help all businesses be small or big to establish a well-designed online store which satisfies your goals.
We are eCommerce designers with customised online solutions.

User-friendly online store for great shopping experience

Your eCommerce website is not for you and not for us; it should be designed for your target audience, so they enjoy their time in your online store. When they like spending time on your unique website with shopping cart, they will spend money as well - and this is our end goal. We will help them enjoy shopping

Quick and easy order management

We believe a unique online store should give you an easy and understandable order management system so that you can spend your time ensuring your shoppers receive top quality customer service without worrying about technical details. Let's automate as much as possible!

Optimised texts and marketing campaigns

Having an eCommerce website is the first step, but that website should contain the right terms which your customers use while searching. Search engine optimisation of your products enables us to advise and write the spot-on text for your eCommerce store, whether you want to get more organic visitors or get the most out of paid traffic. We use statistical methods to compose the best text for your website.

Fully-customised, open-source eCommerce platform

We use open source software to build your very own eCommerce platform exactly the way you like on a strong foundation which is maintained and looked after a large, enthusiastic community. A custom-made eCommerce website can be extended in the way your business needs it, so every integration, automation can be done easily, without a doubt. No need to manually send emails or update inventory, the system will be able to do everything for you, automatically.

The modern sales platform which sells 24/7

You can trust that our eCommerce platforms work for you as a sales person every second of the week, serving multiple clients at the same time. We make the checkout experience simple and trustworthy, so your potential customers won't even have second thoughts when giving their credit card details on your secure payment page. Visitors can become customers on any device, using your secure payment method on mobile, tablet, laptop or PC. You can grow your sales without limit: our eCommerce website can handle 10 or 10000 sales a day, so your custom-built website will be your tool for long.

eCommerce website,
text written by you

£ 4550
  • Choose this if: you have the products, their descriptions and you need an eCommerce online store to display them
  • a modern and responsive online store
  • unique e-commerce graphic design
  • unlimited product and category display
  • payment integration to your online store
  • a user-friendly admin area with training
  • help whenever you need it
  • 30 days test period
  • Your e-commerce platform is ready in 4 weeks

eCommerce website,
with 3 months marketing

£ 9650
  • Choose this if:you have the products, but don’t have time and knowledge to write search engine optimised text
  • a modern and responsive online store
  • unique e-commerce graphic design
  • unlimited product and category display
  • payment integration to your online store
  • a user-friendly admin area with training
  • help whenever you need it
  • 30 days test period
  • a Wordpress blog with matching design
  • keyword search for 70 products
  • search engine optimised text for 70 products
  • social media accounts setup and management for 3 months
  • online marketing campaigns and training for 3 months
  • 9 blog posts to start your online business
  • Your e-commerce platform is ready in 7 weeks + 3 months running

Let’s discuss the details if you have more or fewer products